Promotor of the site  

(Born as Puiu Herman Zilberman)

Born in Focsani in 1932, from the parents Lori (maiden name Sager) and Bercu Dov Zilberman.
In December 1947, aged 15, he immigrated to Israel, unaccompanied, with the Zionist Youth Movement “Gordonia”. On the way to Israel he was held up in Cyprus, for three months.
He arrived in Israel in March 1948 in the frame of the “Aliyat Ha Noar” (“Youth Alyia”) and sent to the “Mishmarot” Kibbutz.

In 1950 he enlisted in the I.D.F. where he served for 22 years and participated in all wars of Israel at that time.

He was released from the Army in 1973 with the rank of a major. Afterwards, as a civilian, he was employed at the International Airport “Ben-Gurion” in various responsible functions until his retirement in 1997, aged 65.

Zvi is a graduate of the Faculty of Criminology (B.A.) of the “Bar Ilan”- University and continued his studies for the master degree at the Faculty of the History of the Jewish People (M.A).

In the last few years Zvi has studied the History of the Community where he was born – the town Focsani, publishing until now two books on his theme.

Zvi is married to Edna (born in Jerusalem); they have three children and six grandchildren.

At present Zvi continues to work at the Airport, twice a week. He has also the function of Director General of the Organization A.M.I.R., with the objective of setting up a Museum of the Romanian Jewish Community, and once a week he works as a volunteer at the “Sheeba” Hospital at Tel HaShomer, for the community.
I wish to express my grateful thanks to all those who helped me in setting up this site:

Mr. Jacques Geber –Translations and adaptations in Romanian

The teachers Mrs. Gabriela Obodariu and Mr. Petru Obodariu – Provided data and details for the drafting of the material on the town Focsani.

Ando Iosub – Technical preparation of the site

It was my intention, through the site I initiated, to make a research into, and a presentation of the history of the Jewish Community in Focsani, the town where I was born and lived my childhood years until I was 15, when I emigrated to Eretz Israel (1947).

I found the graves of the my grandparents and the gravestones of the great-grandmother of the Jewish Community in Focsani, an ancient presence there since the 17th century.

The Focsani-site shall be an opportunity of proudly remembering the past of our ancient Community who brought such an important contribution to the upholding of the spiritual, the Jewish and the Zionist life.

They were among the founders of the Stte of Israel.

We are inviting our Focsani friends to write us your impressions and opinions on our site and send us completions.
We are also asking you to kindly write us about the history of your families.

Zvi Ben Dov
The cover of the book: “ Focsani- History of the Community” Zvi Ben Dov 2003, Hebrew
The cover of the book: “In the Flight of the Years” - Zvi Ben Dov 2000 Hebrew
"15000 Emigrants Underway to Israel" -
Zvi Ben Dov 2004 Hebrew