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Zionist political prisoners in Focsani

Professor Levy Rahmani (Derbaremdiger)

Activist in the Zionist Youth Movement of the town. Arrested in 1953. Sentenced to three years by a Military Court. Emigrates to Israel in 1960. Over the course of the years he becomes a lecturer at the University, chief psychologist at the "Hartzfeld" – Hospital. Publishes important books in psychology. Living today in the town Hod Hasharon

Jean Iaakov Litman- Litany (1903-1992)

Brother of Samy Litman. A Law School graduate, secretary of the Histadrut Hatzionit. One of the leaders of the "Renasterea" (“Revival”) newspaper. Arrested in 1950, and sentenced to 15 years by a Military Court. Immigrated to Israel in 1957.


Pincas Pitic Zilberman -Naor (1918 - 1973)

Student at the Bucharest Law School. Member of the management of the "Renasterea" newspaper in the town and the Putna District. Zionist activist of long standing. Did a lot of work for the Community. Participated in the rescuing operation of the children in Transnistria. Arrested in the summer of 1950 and sentenced to 5 years for Zionist activity. He was tortured in the jail. Came to Israel in 1961 and became an active member of the Liberal-Independent Party. After completing his studies he obtained the scientific degree of a doctor.


Levi Rahmani
Iaakov Litman
Pincas Zilberman